On January 21st, I kicked open the door and bungee jumped off the cliff at 2:28am. I still feel like I'm free falling. Wheeeeee! AND YOU MAY SAY TO YOURSELF, MY GOD, WHAT HAVE I DONE? AAAAAH!!! With just three letter changes of my psynodym to my real "above ground" name, I…
Remembering Mom and The Endless Cold War (edited)
The One Minute ConversationListen now (1 min) | (audio to the essay Memorial Day: Remembering Mom & The Never Ending War)
Remembering Mom and The Endless Cold War
Coming Out and Letting Go of Relationships
Last week my partner and I traveled to Florida to see my dad and stepmother, whom I hadn't seen for over two years since the pandemic. I mentioned in a…
I wanted to write an essay about 2021 but when I tried to recall the events that shaped the year it was blurred together with events that started in…
In the early 1980's, a serial killer was on the loose in the Seattle area and would be known as the "Green River Killer" as many of his victims were…
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Little Nothings
Little Nothings
Liara Roux
Sex and the State
Cathy Reisenwitz 🏗🌐🥑

The Naked Therapist